February 2, 2010

Ponytails and Cowlicks

My twins are my inspiration for ponytails and cowlicks. They are country kids trying to fit into this fast pace world. Welcome to us!

The Ponytail and the Cowlick were great today.  Cowlick decieded it was time to let his twin, the Ponytail, join in on his massive amount of legos.  She passed the test.  She can build just about anything and has kept her place in the house.  Amen!!  No, new brother is needed.  Why is it that such small objects  hurt so bad when you step on them in the dead of the night?

The Wall
Cowlick was up early this morning building up is kingdom of Legos.  He was running to show his sister what he created and BAM!  He hit the wall and busted his lip.  Mom he whispered, "Why did you put the wall there and can we get ride of it?" Sorry, Cowlick it gets to stay!

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