February 12, 2011

B is for Brownfield and Bon Jovi

Brownfield, USA
I was never one of those that thought I'd leave my hometown.  I guess it's my safety blanket and the people are nice too!!!  I really thought growing up nobody was as lucky as us b-town people were.  My grandparents and cousins all lived  here and my friends were on my street or just a few blocks over.  We grew up playing every sport we could, we played kick the can until all hours of the night, and when we coud drive we had the drag.  Our Sonic was/is most definitely the best around.  The owners put up with us setting there until curfew and us going around it trying to impress anyone that we thought was looking our way!!!  So glad gas was around $1.00 and $10 bucks would last me all week. One thing about Brownfield looking at it now as an adult is that our people are really hear for each other.  When there is a crisis or tragedy or good news we are here for each other.  Only once did Tim and I think we would move and my Grandma had a heart attack and I knew I needed to stay home.  We are still here and our house is really a home.  All of my cousins and even my brother have left, but I'm  here for the long run. 

Bon Jovi.  I love, love, love Bon Jovi.  The first time I ever saw a picture of Bon Jovi  ( in 5th grade)I thought he was a girl.  My friend April had a picture of him with lip stickers around it and I could not figure out why she was in love with this girl with the most beautiful hair I ever had ever seen. She played Shot through the Heart and I was hooked.  I tried to get Never Say Good Bye for the Senior Song when I graduated fro HS.  I guess was too inappropriate, but worth a try.   I even bought Allison a Bon Jovi t-shirt today!  She was not as excited as I was.  Kurt and Allison use to put on concerts to his music when they were little.  One day they were in the back of the suburban in my garage with the back open and the music blaring.  They had their guitars and they were in underwear only.  I ran in to grab my camera and came out the door missed the step and landed between the tire and bottom step.  Hurt and Stuck.  I was yelling for the kids to help me.  They were jamming out to Living on a Prayer and I knew the sheriff would think  it was odd if the kids called 911 and saw the scene.  So, I pulled myself together and got up before someone pulled up and finished listening to the kids jam session.
I like his new stuff too. I surprisingly can even get Tim to listen to him.  

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Krystal Hall said...

Love me some Bon Jovi!! My kids love him as well! We are raising them right...haha!