February 20, 2011

D is for Dad

My dad is the best dad you could ask for.  He is a man of his word and taught Chris and I to value what we have.  I grew up thinking we did not have much, but I didn't not realize until I was in college that he gave us what we needed.  We were not spoiled by any means and I am glad for that know.  He is a wonderful grandpa to my kids.  He retired to help my mom watch my twins when they were 6 weeks old and he had hem singing their ABC's by the time they were 16 months old.  He doesn't miss anything that they do, but then again he never missed one of my events.  He would play volleyball with me for countless hours and not stop until I was satisfied with myself.   He had a heart attack a year ago, but I'll save that story for the H's.

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