February 11, 2011

What Makes You!

An article caught my eye about soup. What’s in your bowel and how does it describe you? I thought about this and really wanted to say potato soup, but didn’t know how that would describe me, so I went with ABC soup. The chicken noodle kind that I would try to spell out my name with when my mom made it for me. Thought each letter represented a me in some way. Here goes……..

Allison….my sweet Allison. I never thought I would be a mom to girls. I couldn't even imagine raising a daughter and boy did God laugh and say here’s your girl. She is ½ of the best thing that ever happened to me (her twin brother is the other ½) . She is so wise beyond her 8 years. She cares and loves deeply. She often talks to God like he is next to her and her heart breaks when others are weak. I wanted to name her Allison thinking we would call her Allie and by no way does she look like an Allie. She is an Allison through and through.  She is a tomboy, a cowgirl, sometimes a punky girl, she loves to sing, and play her guitar. She is the all American Girl in my eyes. Her name says it all….. The name Allison means 'noble exalted nature'. (a happy and gracious nature of a girl) Oh, my goodness I could go on and on, but my soup has more letters!


kkelcy said...

Jennifer- just wanted you to know how much I have loved teaching next to you these last few months. Being 5 again is exactly what I needed in my life. Who knew that what I prayed for I would get?? Why are we always surprised when God answers?? I don't ever remember specifically asking for you and Tori and Keepa but that is what He gave me when I asked for help. I guess we just never know and should always think we are here at this time at this point for a reason. I so love listening to you as a young mom raising your babies and have such incredible memories that I was apparently way too busy to cherish. Love to you and your sweet family on Valentine's Day - make the most of it and you will never have any regrets about it.

ponytails and cowlicks said...

you are too sweet kim. i have really enjoyed this year. 67!!!!!